8th Grade

I8YTFL All-Stars

An opportunity has presented itself for us to  an I8 All Stars Team (8th graders) to a play in a 13U/14U competitive football tournament. This tournament gives our 8th graders an opportunity to play football on a youth level before moving on to high school. This is something we have been talking about trying to do in previous years, but unfortunately we weren't able to do before. We are hoping to turn this into an annual experience for our 8th graders, going forward.

We are still working out specifics, but before we go too far, we would like to see how many players would be interested. Understand that this is very different from what our players would be used to. This tournament would require complete dedication on both player and the parents. We would be travelling to the Crown Point Sportsplex for the 2 day tournament.

We are guaranteed to play 2 games and then it would be a round robin style of bracketing. The cost would be $50 per child, which includes the cost of a Jersey.

We would provide a mandatory 10 day training camp to review and practice the fundamentals of football. The first day would be a skills assessment to better prepare us for what skills we need to strengthen before game day. You must be registered to participate in skills assessment day. To register, click below: